A resource for customer experience (CX) and experience management (XM) professionals.
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Steve Walker - the host of the CX Leader Podcast.Join host Steve Walker for enlightening and informative discussions on the latest topics around customer experience (CX) and experience management (XM). As chairman and CEO of Walker, a leading CX and XM advisory firm for many of the world’s most influential businesses, Steve brings more than 30 years (?) of experience to discussions with experts including:

  • Bob Azman
  • Angie Hicks
  • Jay Baer
  • Megan Burns
  • Bob Thompson
  • Jim Schleckser
  • Diane Magers
  • Shep Hyken
  • Bruce Temkin
  • Jeanne Bliss


299 episodes (and counting!) of CX and XM knowledge

The CX Leader Podcast started in January of 2018 and has produced 299 episodes packed with business expertise from across the globe. From learning the importance of having the right CX culture to the technology and tools used in listening to your customers, Steve, along with industry experts, gives CX leaders the information they need to bring customers into the heart of their organization.

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Take-home value

The signature of every episode is the “take-home value” that guests offer. Take-home value is the guest’s tip for something a CX leader can put into practice right away. Each guest has a unique insight from his or her own experiences to share and The CX Leader Podcast makes certain our listeners can take advantage of that expertise!

Episodes by series

We’ve put together various series of episodes that focus on a particular practice or aspect of CX and XM. Some more popular of those series include:

CX Now: Eight Themes Driving CX Evolution
CX Best Practices
CX By Industry
The ROI OF Customer Experience

Who says we don’t like to have fun?

We take customer experience and experience management seriously, but we love to have fun, too! Check out some of our more “laid back” episodes that offer different insights into CX and XM: